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May 1, 2017

The Space Needle, Seattle’s iconic tourist attraction

The Space Needle, Seattle’s iconic tourist attraction

Seattle attracts many tourists every year. However, Seattle is only 37 out of 50 popular tourist cities in the US according to a recent survey. Some people are asking why.

38 million tourists visited Seattle last year. That was the highest number of tourists ever. 600 of these tourists were asked 100 survey questions about their stay in Seattle.
Many people come to see the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. From I-5 south and other roads, snowy Mt. Rainier greets tourists. People want to take ferries or go into the mountains to hike. They want to get out into nature. But to no one’s surprise, it is hard to get anywhere around Seattle; the traffic is terrible.
Seattle is also expensive. For example, hotels cost on average $193 a night and parking downtown can be as high as $25 for four hours.
On the good side, however, tourists like the food and drink in Seattle. There is a variety of food choices and the food is prepared well for a reasonable cost. Seattle has many cultural events, and downtown transit works well.
Weather may have some effect on the survey, however. Seattle can be rainy. The top five cities were in warmer, drier places in the southern US. Las Vegas was the number 1 tourist city.

Photographer: Garnet Templin-Imel

Published May 2017

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