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Reader StoryLuma Al-talankee

May 1, 2017

Luma Al-talankee is from Iraq, but now she is living in Bellevue. She came to America with her husband and children in 2010 for a better life. There was much fighting in Iraq at that time, and it wasn’t safe to live there anymore. Now Luma is a busy mother taking care of her three kids who are ages 11, 8, and 4. Luma is also studying English at Bellevue College because she wants to use that language in her community. She needs to communicate with her kids’ teachers, the people at school, the doctors, and neighbors.
Last year, Luma became a U.S. citizen, and she is very proud of that. She studied very hard for that test and was so delighted when she found out that she passed it. She really enjoys living in America and she likes to help her kids study in her free time. She, also, likes to read books, and she enjoys working in her garden, too. Sometimes, Luma cooks special foods, and she especially likes to make dolma, which is traditional Iraqi food that consists of rice mixed with vegetables and some meat. Luma likes to walk for exercise, and she often practices English at home with her kids.
Two years ago, Luma was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but happily she is cancer-free right now. Luma has faced many challenges during her life, but she always perseveres and finds hope in the future. Someday, Luma would like to be a volunteer in an ESL classroom at Bellevue College. For now, Luma will continue with her studies. Her hard work and determination gets her through each day. Luma is an inspiration!

Published May 2017

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