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InternationalThinking big with 3D

March 1, 2017

Usually houses cost a lot of money and take a long time to build. But a Chinese company is changing that. It is using a 3D printer to quickly make homes. This is a good news, but how is it possible?
3D printers print objects. They follow a computer design to lay down layers of a chosen material. As the layers grow, the object takes shape.
At first, 3D printers only printed small objects like toys. However, the Chinese construction company, HuaShang Tengda, thinks big, so it developed a large 3-D printer and printed a house in Beijing. It has two floors and measures about 400 square meters or 4,300 square feet. Usually a house of this size takes months or even years to build, but the HuaShang Tengwar house was completed in only a month and a half.
The company explained that builders first made a frame and then put in the plumbing. After that, a huge 3D printer printed over the frame.
The printer used an inexpensive but strong concrete to build the walls. The walls are 250 centimeters or 8 feet deep and make the house strong so that it will not fall down in an earthquake.
The company is still thinking big and says, “Our printer will be able to print buildings of any size and shape, including high-rises…” And the 3D construction will be fast and cost less. The company believes that printing houses can improve the lives of the people of China and around the world.
To see the HuaShang Tengda printer at work, click here –>

Published March 2017

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