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Reader StoryRosalie Mayer

March 1, 2017

Rosalie MayerRosalie Mayer is from Lome, Togo which is a tiny country located in West Africa. Rosalie came to America in 2014 with her husband and her daughter because her husband got a job here. In Togo, Rosalie worked as a hair stylist. Rosalie speaks 3 languages and these are: Ewe, French, and English. Currently, Rosalie is taking classes at Bellevue College because she hopes to get a good job in the future, and she believes that English is the key to her future of having a good job.

When Rosalie has free time, she likes to read English books and cook. Often, on the weekends, you can find Rosalie at a local library where she likes to attend Talk Time. Rosalie is happy to practice her English with anyone, and she loves going to Talk Time on the weekends as it’s great practice for her to use English outside of the classroom. When Rosalie is not at Talk Time, she likes to sometimes go running, and she does that about twice a week.

She hopes to get a job soon as a salesperson but, after she has really good English, she wants to work as a home health care companion. Rosalie loves being around people and working as a home health care companion would be her dream job as she could use English and be with people and show care and compassion all at the same time. Rosalie hopes that when she is fluent in English, she will be able to find her dream job. For now, she’s very happy living in Bellevue, and she says she likes America very much. She does miss the traditional food from Togo, and she does miss the palm trees, but she is happy to be a student, and she is excited about her future.

Published March 2017

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