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InternationalZero-emissions for German trains

January 1, 2017









Alstom Coradia iLint ‘Hydrail’ auf der InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin

Photographer: Frank Paukstat / Flickr

Germany has about 4,000 diesel trains. They pollute the air badly. However, next year a new train will arrive in the country. It will run on diesel rail lines, but it will use clean energy.

The Cordia iLint is called a hydrail because this train uses hydrogen as its fuel source. A hydrogen fuel tank will power a fuel cell. The fuel cell will be located on the roof of the locomotive (engine car). The fuel cell will generate electricity to run the engine motor. The only emission will be steam, and the locomotive’s electric motor will be very quiet.

Right now the locomotive stores enough hydrogen power to travel 500 miles. The train can go 87 miles per hour.

Germany ordered one locomotive from the French company, Alstrom after the Berlin InnoTrans trade show. This will be a test locomotive. It will carry passengers in Lower Saxony starting in December 2017.

Germany will study how the train operates. If it is a success, four other states in Germany will buy 60 more locomotives.

Published January 2017

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