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General NewsPets at work

January 1, 2017

About 65% of all Americans own pets, mostly cats and dogs. Of course, these pet owners love their animals and want to take them everywhere, including work! In the past, pets just had to stay home, however, this is changing now. Some companies are friendly to pets. However, bringing a pet to work can be both good and bad.
Actually the American Pet Products Association says, “More people are bringing their pets to work these days.” Between 2008 to 2012, the number of times workers brought pets to work went from 17 to 22.
Large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Ben & Jerry’s allow employees to bring their pets to work. These businesses say, “Pets in the workplace bring many benefits.”. According to research, pets help their owners to do more work better and with a smile. Pets lower stress. And owners don’t have to worry about their pets at home alone. Pets bring fun to the workplace.
But many other large and small companies do not allow pets at work. They are concerned about the safety and health of other employees and their customers. For example, some of their customers might have allergies to pets. A co-worker might be afraid animals. Pets can cause a distraction.
Overall, however, more pets are leaving home for work.
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Published January 2017

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