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InternationalFree Pizza!

January 1, 2017

Save Pizza the Polar Bear in Grandview Aquarium in a shopping mall in Guangzhou China







Photographer: Taymaz Valley / Flickr

Pizza is a big, white polar bear. But Pizza is sad because he lives in a shopping mall in China. Animal lovers are saying, “Free Pizza.”

Guangdong, China is the home of Grandview Polar Sea World. Pizza is in a cage there along with other animals like wolves and whales.  Mall owners say, “Pizza brings many shoppers to the mall. “ People can shop, go to a movie, eat, and take photos with  Pizza.

But animal lovers say, “This small cage is not a healthy place for a polar bear. A polar bear needs to live freely in a land with ice and snow.” They want the government to help Pizza.

Published January 2017

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