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InternationalWhat’s for breakfast?

November 1, 2016

A traditional Japanese breakfast is rice, fish, and miso soup. It is very healthy, but it takes time to cook. So now busy Japanese people are starting to eat a different breakfast food – granola. Granola sales in Japan are increasing rapidly.

Granola is a type of cereal. It is made by baking oats, nuts, honey and sometimes puffed rice. Some granolas add dried fruit. People can buy granola or make it themselves.

In 2010, the Japanese only bought 7,000 tons of granola, but this year sales shot up to 47,500 tons. The granola maker, Calbee, earned $259 million this year. Back in 2009, it only made $87 million.

According to experts, granola is becoming popular because more Japanese women are getting jobs. They do not have time to cook a regular Japanese breakfast anymore. Granola is fast and easy to eat.

The Japanese also now see granola as healthy, delicious, and fashionable. This is a change in attitude. Before this time, the Japanese thought that sweet cereal was a type of simple food for children.

Smart marketing by the Japanese snack food maker, Calbee Fruga, educated the Japanese about the benefits of granola. The company gave out free samples and published a granola cookbook.

Published November 2016

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