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FeaturedSanta’s new sleigh

November 1, 2016

Clauses arrive in Cessna sleigh

Clauses arrive in Cessna sleigh

Photographer: Lindsey Wasson/The Seattle Times

Santa rides in a sleigh, right? Reindeer pull the sleigh, right? Not on December 10. On that day, Santa will come in an airplane. He will fly to the Museum of Flight in Seattle at 10:30 a.m. He will bring Mrs. Claus with him.

Last year Santa came in a Cessna Skywagon 180.  He had fun talking to the two little boys in the photo. Samuel and Theo are asking Santa to bring them Christmas gifts. Mrs. Claus looks tired. She is sitting in her chair.

Santa will talk to many children there again this year. Some children may ask for a special popular robot, Cozmo. Others will want American Girl dolls. But maybe a few will ask for a toy model plane. That would make Santa happy.

Published November 2016

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