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Reader StoryFarida Ahmadi

November 1, 2016

Farida Ahmadi is just 19 years old, and she is busy working two jobs and studying English at Bellevue College. Farida is from Afghanistan, and she came to America in February of 2016. She is one of eight kids, so she is busy helping everyone at home when she’s not working. Farida is already fluent in Hindi, Pashto, Dari, and Persian, and she is learning English quickly. She came here with many family members, and the main reason for coming here was to get a great education. Farida has many goals while in America, but her number one goal is to study interior design and someday become an interior designer. She wants to waste no time, as she has big plans, and someday, with her advanced education, she’d like to go back to Afghanistan and help the people of her country.

Currently, it is not safe to be in Afghanistan, so Farida is in America with her family, but she still has other family members back in Afghanistan. She sends them money when she can afford it. She misses them and her friends there very much. However, Farida feels very lucky to be able to be living in America right now. She believes that life is much better here, and she is so excited to be a student right now.

Because Farida is working two jobs, and she is a student, she doesn’t have much free time. However, if she does find some free time, she likes to spend it studying, or sometimes, she will go shopping. Farida is full of hope for her new life in America, and she knows that she can make a difference with a good education. Farida is super-motivated, and she is driven by her goals and ambition. Farida plans to return to her native country one day in the future and get an important job. She knows, however, that her dream to return home may take a long time. For now, Farida is busy trying to be the best student possible, and since she already knows four languages, she has good language-learning skills to tackle English. Farida is a real inspiration!

Published November 2016

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