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Reader StoryVladimir Karpishev

July 1, 2016

Vladimir KarpishevVladimir Karpishev is from St. Petersburg, Russia. He came to America in September of 2015 with Irina, his wife of 40 years. They came because their daughter needed help with her children. Now Vladimir and his wife, Irina, are taking care of their grandchildren and at the same time studying English at Bellevue College. Learning English is important to both Irina and Vladimir because they want to be able to communicate with their three English-speaking grandchildren. Vladimir also has one son and another two grandchildren still in Russia. He is looking forward to taking his grandchildren here in America to his hometown, St. Petersburg this summer. The grandchildren from the U.S. can practice Russian while they connect with their family and friends, and Vladimir can enjoy showing them the culture and beauty of Russia’s second largest city.

As a young man, Vladimir earned his Ph. D in engineering through the Engineering Academy of Russia. After that, he taught in the Philosophy Department at a Russian university. He loves playing pool and won the Russian National Championship some years ago. In addition to playing pool very well, Vladimir also enjoys playing chess and piano in his free time. Sometimes, on the weekends, Vladimir likes to ride his bike, go roller-skating or hiking, or play basketball. He enjoys doing many of these activities with his grandchildren. He also enjoys reading books and listening to classical music.

Vladimir’s goals are to be able to communicate very well in English and to read English books. He believes that Bellevue College offers the best ELL (English Language Learners) classes in all of the Seattle area. He hopes that his grandchildren will someday take classes at Bellevue College, too. He believes that as long as you have work, life can be good. He has noticed that America is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture and that people like to figure out how to do things themselves. Independence is really stressed. In short, Vladimir feels lucky to be here. He enjoys his classes and the educational opportunities and choices that are available to all.

Published July 2016

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  1. Kate says:

    It was so nice to read about Vladimir! I know him and his wife Irina personally. I volunttered in their class and had great pleasure to work with them. I wish them the best,:)))

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