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InternationalTuition free in Germany

July 1, 2016

Do you want an excellent free education? Go to Germany. Germany is offering free college or university tuition to its own citizens and international students. This generous offer is attracting many Americans.

In the U.S. the cost of going to a university or college has gone up by 500% since 1985. Many students need federal or other kinds of loans to pay for their higher education. Student debt has now reached an estimated $1.3 trillion. So it’s no wonder that parents and students are looking for alternatives, including this one from across the Atlantic in Europe.

So why is Germany offering free tuition for higher education? It is a country with a low birth rate and high numbers of retiring workers. It needs many more skilled workers. Foreign students who study and then stay in Germany “could help fill that gap,” says Lars Funk, a representative for the German Association of Engineers.

Interestingly, in many college and university programs, there is not even a language problem. About 900 courses in fields such as engineering, social sciences, and politics are conducted completely in English. It is also easy in most cases for students to enter these programs.

According to statistics, Germany’s idea is working. About 50% of foreign students like it there and remain after they complete their studies. If they live in Germany for five years, get jobs, and pay taxes, the country actually recovers the cost of their tuition.

And how’s this working for the nearly 10,000 Americans studying in Germany? It’s a chance to get a university degree without big debt. A great deal!

Developed by Denise Cavichioli

Published July 2016

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