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May 1, 2016

Pedal and paint have tunnel vision

Pedal and paint have tunnel vision

Do you like to bike? Biking is very popular in the Seattle area. Many people like to bike on the Burke-Gilman Trail. The trail follows an old rail line. It starts in Ballard and follows Lake Washington north. In Bothell, it becomes the Sammamish Lake Trail. The photo shows a tunnel on the trail in Bothell. The tunnel is painted in many colors. The painting in the tunnel is called a mural. Kristen Ramirez is the artist. A biker is pedaling fast through the lovely, bright tunnel. It feels like spring.

Photographer: Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times

Published May 2016

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  1. Bo Yang says:

    I love to ride the bike. I’m used to riding the bike in the outside trail. It’s my first time to hear about the tunnel biking. It looks very special. I will try it later. Thanks for recommendation!

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