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Reader StorySharif Alsaleh

May 1, 2016

Sharif AlsalehSharif Alsaleh is from Safawa, Saudi Arabia, and he is studying at Bellevue College now. He retired in 2011 after working for 28 years as a petroleum engineer. In 1986, he had a work assignment for one year that brought him to Texas. After spending one year in America, he knew he wanted to return after retiring. He came to Bellevue after his retirement because he wanted his sons to graduate from high school in America. Sharif has 4 children, 1 daughter and 3 sons. His daughter is a doctor, and she is living in New York. One son is studying medicine, and he is in the Netherlands. Another son finished studying electrical engineering. The youngest son is currently 16, and he is studying at Bellevue High School. Sharif also has a grand-daughter in Saudi Arabia.

Sharif speaks Arabic, Persian, and English, and he really enjoys drawing and journaling in his free time. Currently, Sharif is taking a drawing class at Bellevue College, and he likes it very much. In his free time, Sharif loves to drive around the area and explore all that the region has to offer. Sharif is observant and he regularly jots down simple observations about daily life in America. Someday, Sharif may put all of his journal observations together into a book. Even though Sharif is retired, he still has many goals for his life and he continues to take classes at Bellevue College because he wants to always be learning more on a daily basis.

Sharif really misses his grand-daughter in Saudi Arabia but, he needs to stay in Bellevue for now to secure the future for his youngest son. He says that the people are very friendly in America. He is always surprised that people everywhere like to greet each other. Maybe in the future when Sharif writes his book, we will all learn more about life here in America from him.

Published May 2016

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