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InternationalCharlie’s rainforest

May 1, 2016









Charlie Hamilton James, a British photographer for National Geographic Magazine, came to Seattle recently to tell his unusual story. He bought a rainforest.

Charlie spent 20 years photographing the unusual animal and plant life in Peru’s Manú National Park. This park has one of the world’s most diverse biological systems.

Sadly he saw the forest dying. Loggers were illegally cutting down the old trees.

He decided to protect the rainforest from the loggers. So he paid $10,00 to buy 100 acres of Peruvian rainforest. He thought, “I will stop the loggers when they cross my land into Manú National Park.”

When he flew to Peru to see his land, he got a big shock. His land had no big, old trees, only small scrub bushes and trees. A man, Elias, was illegally living and growing cocaine on the land.

Charlie quickly removed the dangerous coca plants. Then he got to know Elias and other loggers and their families. He learned how poor they were. They were cutting the trees down to survive.

Saving land meant getting the support of local people, so Charlie hired Elias to work his land and replant the trees. However, Charlie’s big idea to protect the rainforest from logging was not possible.

Photographer: Peter Tan Caption / Flickr

Published May 2016

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  1. denise says:

    I Think to protect the rainforest in a good initiative , but also is so difficult ,because loggers normally are poor people and they want money to survive. You will take out from your property but they still there in the native rainforest.

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