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Reader StoryVinh Nguyen

March 1, 2016

Vinh NguyenVinh Nguyen is from Saigon, Vietnam, and he came to America in October of 2014. Vinh came to Bellevue for his son’s education, and he came for a better future for his son. Vinh’s son is 16 and is currently attending Sammamish High School. Vinh worked for 31 years as an electrician in Vietnam before he retired. After retiring, Vinh decided it was time to move to America for his son. Currently, Vinh is working 40 hours per week at the Snoqualmie Casino, and he is studying English at Bellevue College. Vinh wants to learn enough English so that he can work as an electrician in America.

Vinh lives with his son, brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces in Bellevue. Vinh still has a daughter in Vietnam, and she is 24. Vinh hopes that in five years, he will be able to sponsor her to come and live in America, too. When Vinh is not working, he really likes to play soccer and because he is so busy, he enjoys sleeping during his free time, too. Vinh really enjoys the weather in the Bellevue area because he can experience some cold weather, and sometimes there is snow, and he really loves the mountains. He does miss the sun though as there was lots more sun in Vietnam. Vinh really likes the freedom in America, and he is happy to be here for a better future.

Another thing Vinh really enjoys about Bellevue is all of the trees. He likes the nature that surrounds the city, and he believes the environment is very clean. Vinh really enjoys Vietnamese food and is so happy that his sister-in-law makes delicious Vietnamese food like pho. Vinh will continue to learn English because he believes it is important for his future as he’d like to work as an electrician someday in America. Because Vinh is very goal-oriented, he will probably achieve his goal very soon.

Good luck to you, Vinh! You are an inspiration!

Published March 2016

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