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General NewsSorry meat lovers

March 1, 2016

Meat eaters recently received a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO). Ham, hot dogs, sausage, and even red meat can cause cancer.
Researchers in Lyon, France examined 800 cancer studies from the past twenty years and from many different countries. They found that processed meats can be directly linked to a rise in stomach and colon cancer. They also reported that red meat is dangerous even though it is more nutritious.
Meats, such as ham, jerky, and bacon are processed. This means that chemicals are used to cure (preserve) and add flavor. The body can turn these chemicals into cancer-causing compounds.
According to ten studies, only a small serving of processed meat daily, 1.75 ounces or 50 grams, is needed to increase the lifetime risk of colon cancer by 18%. That portion is equal to one hot dog a day. This risk is not nearly as high as cancer deaths caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, or air pollution. However, the link to colon cancer is important in countries where people eat a lot of processed meats.
Additionally, red meats such as beef, veal, pork, and lamb also cause a cancer danger, especially when they are smoked or fried or grilled at high temperatures.
At the same time, the North American Meat Institute says, “Cancer is a complex disease, not caused by single foods.” Other experts agree. They have common sense recommendations. Eat more poultry and fish. Red meat provides zinc and iron, but cook it at lower temperatures. Eat less processed meat.
Developed by Irina Bakanova

Published March 2016

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