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Reader StoryLuiza Mustafina

January 1, 2016

Luiza Mustafina knows all about life changes. Although she was born in what was then called the USSR, it changed to Uzbekistan in 1991. Now, she is living in the United States as she came here in 2015 after her husband passed away. Luiza has four daughters but they live in four different countries so now, Luiza is learning English at Bellevue College and living with her grand-daughter in Bellevue.

Luiza has noticed that there are many cultural and life style differences between living in America and Uzbekistan. For now, the most difficult thing for Luiza is the language. She is studying at Bellevue College and she likes studying here, but Luiza feels so exhausted every day, because she says she is not young any more. Incredibly, Luiza has just started to learn English as she hadn’t studied it before. She does know French though and she speaks fluent Russian as well. However, Luiza feels most comfortable when she gets home every day as she speaks Russian with her daughter and granddaughter at home.

Luiza likes living in America, because she feels it is quiet everywhere due to less people living here, but she misses her library in Uzbekistan where she was a library manager. When Luiza has free time, she likes to read books and magazines in the library. One of Luiza’s goals is to be a volunteer at a library in Bellevue. Even though Luiza was born in 1939, she has not lost her desire to be a college student.  She is a true inspiration because she will follow her goals and she’s ready to tackle this new challenge of learning the English language. Everything is different for her now, but she has accepted this new life change with pure determination. She feels that you’re never too old to learn a language as long as you’re willing to give it a try and it is her goal to learn more English.

Published January 2016

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  1. Kristi Middleton says:

    It was such an honor to have you as a student! You are an inspiration. I miss having you in the classroom. You are amazing!

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