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January 1, 2016

Milwaukee 2014 Air Force One President Obama Visit Labor Day

Milwaukee 2014 Air Force One President Obama Visit Labor Day

Air Force One is the plane that carries the President of the U.S. around the world. The current Air Force One is very old, so the Air Force is making plans to replace it in the next ten years.
The Air Force just selected Boeing to design and eventually build a new Air Force One using a 747-8 frame. It will be 250 feet long and be very powerful with 66,500 pounds of engine thrust. The plane will be able to fly 7,800 miles and can fuel midair. It will have updated technology and defenses that will allow it to withstand a nuclear explosion or attack by heat-seeking missiles.
However, the new Air Force One will cost a lot of time and money. The Air Force is asking Congress to approve $102 million for this year and an additional $3 billion per year for the following five years.
But as Joseph Hagin, former White House staff, said, “It’s way overdue.” Presently Air Force One is one of two Boeing 747-200 jumbo jets that President Reagan fitted out for presidential use in 1990. Each plane is a flying White House with office, medical and sleeping spaces. However, Boeing no longer makes this jet, so repair parts need to be specially manufactured. And the planes are so old that usually one or the other is in the repair shop. Air Force One has flown over one million miles.
President Obama will never fly in this plane. But the president in 2023 probably will. It will be an amazing flight.
Developed by Wenwei Zhu
Photographer: Thomas Bunton

Published January 2016

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