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November 1, 2015

George Washington ate them. They are turkeys with interesting names. Heirloom Bronze. Narrangansett. White Holland. And now, over 200 years later, these turkeys are coming back to the holiday table. People want to eat healthy, so they are paying more money to buy these old, organic breeds for meat.

Right now most Americans buy inexpensive White Broad Breasted turkeys. These turkeys eat cheap grain and grow fast. In eighteen weeks, they can grow from chick size (2 ounces) to large adult size (40 pounds). They are fat, have health problems and cannot walk well or fly. Some consumers say, “The meat is not flavorful.”

So now many people are buying organic turkey meat. The meat from organic turkeys is darker and has more flavor. Organic turkeys eat expensive chemical-free soybeans and corn. They grow more slowly to a healthy weight of 22-28 pounds. They can walk and fly.

Organic turkey meat costs more. Sometimes the cost is four times more than for regular turkeys. But the market for these turkeys is growing fast.  One organic turkey farmer in Pennsylvania said, “Fifteen years ago, I raised 150,000 organic turkeys, and now I sell around 800,000 every year.”

So eat like George Washington this holiday season. Try an organic turkey, but order early.

Published November 2015

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  1. Dawa Chhomo says:

    I get more information about turkey. What they ate and what are they? Cheap turkey ate cheap grain and grow faster. Organic turkey ate soya bean and corn. Thank you Northwestnews.

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