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Reader StoryLiyan Zheng

November 1, 2015

Liyan Zheng came from Dongguan which is a big city in the south of China. She lived in Dongguan for eleven years after graduation. Six months ago, she quit her job and came to the U.S. with her daughter to join her husband because her husband found a job at Expedia.

In the beginning, Liyan felt happy and excited. She liked almost everything except for the food here, but three months later, she started to feel bored. She missed home because she couldn’t effectively communicate with people in English. Therefore, she hasn’t looked for a job here. This is also the main reason why she came to Bellevue College to study English.

Liyan likes the elementary school here because the kids are respected by the teachers and treated well. For example, no car is allowed to pass a school bus with flashing lights. Also, the school here values student creativity more than it does in China.

In order to get a better education for her daughter in the U.S., Liyan needs to overcome a variety of difficulties because of the family relocation to the U.S. Although living in a new country is challenging, she believes her life will become better.

Developed by Sijia Liu

Published November 2015

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