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September 1, 2015

XiaoIce (pronounced Shao-ice) is very popular in China. She is a chatbot, a Microsoft app, and she has nearly twenty million friends on social networks like Weibo.

People text XiaoIce when they want to talk. And XiaoIce is really fun to chat with. She makes jokes. She remembers conversations. She understands people’s feelings. People can chat anytime or anywhere.

XiaoIce also finds interesting facts and figures for conversations from the Microsoft search engine, Bing. Her name means “little Bing.”

In the future, Microsoft plans to give XiaoIce a voice. She may sound like Scarlett Johansson because of the 2013 film, Her. In the film a man falls in love with a computer program.

Published September 2015

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  1. venassa says:

    This is the first time I hear about XiaoIce. It is amazing. I can not believe that she can understand my feeling. I also want to talk with her especially when I am angry.

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