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Reader StoryFarhang Karimi

July 1, 2015

Farhang KarimiFarhang Karimi is from Shihraz, Iran and he is Bahai. The Bahai are a religious minority group, and they are persecuted for their beliefs in Iran. Farhang and his family had to flee to Turkey from Iran because of their beliefs. They stayed in Turkey for about 18 months before they came to Bellevue in 2008. Farhang came to the United States to be safe and he feels free here.

Farhang chose to bring his wife, daughter and son to Bellevue because of the large and active Bahai community here. The Eastside Bahai Center offers a meeting place for its members and a lot of support.

There are many more opportunities available to Farhang in America because in Iran, the Bahai people are not allowed to attend college. They live in fear in Iran because they are routinely subjected to ransacked homes and other daily threats. The Bahai people just want to have peace and live a life without fear.

When Farhang has free time, he likes to go for walks and he is serious about learning English. He also enjoys watching TV and movies in order to improve his English. Currently, he is studying English at Bellevue College. His goal is to learn enough English so that he can be a volunteer in the classroom. He believes life is good in America, so he feels very grateful and he wants to do all he can to improve his English language skills. He is very motivated, so he will probably soon be able to join a classroom as a volunteer instead of a student.

Published July 2015

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