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Reader StoryGokhan Tatar

March 1, 2015

Gokhan Tatar is from Malatya, Turkey and he came to America in June of 2014. In Turkey, Gokhan worked as a computer programmer in the IT industry. Gokhan and his wife came to America to live because life in Turkey was becoming more difficult. Now, Gokhan is learning English because he wants to work as a computer programmer here in America. Gokhan’s wife is working as a nurse right now and Gokhan and his wife have been married for just 2 years.
When Gokhan has free time, he studies English, uses the computer, and goes to movies. He believes that life is good in America and he believes the people are good, too. It is his dream to be living in America right now.
Gokhan really misses his family and especially his mother and father as they are back in Turkey. Gokhan is happy in America, and he has enjoyed the past seven months of living in this country. Gokhan will continue to reach for his goals and those include learning more English, improving language skills, and applying for work as a programmer. Since Microsoft is nearby, he has his eye on that company and it would be his dream to work there. Good luck, Gokhan and continue to work towards your goals!

Published March 2015

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  1. Rafaelle says:

    My best wishes for Gokhan! I enjoyed your story, mainly for your goals. It’s very important have goals to keep us strong enough facing the challenges. I’m an immigrant as you are and I know how difficult it’s being way from our family. Keep strong!

  2. Mary Holm says:

    Good to hear about you again, Gokhan! Best wishes for your continued success learning English!

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