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Reader StoryChit Wong (Rosette)

January 1, 2015

Chit Wong (Rosette)Chit Wong is from Macau and she goes by Rosette. Macau is a tiny regional area near Hong Kong that is the most densely populated region in the world. Because of the busy feeling in Macau, Rosette came to America to study in September of 2014. She and her brother are here because they want to get a good education. Rosette has an interest in music and applied math so she’d like to be a music and audio engineer.

In her free time, Rosette loves to play the guitar and sing. She’s interested in possibly joining a band here in America so, that she can continue to perform music with others who share her passion. Sometimes, you can find Rosette in the studio recording area of Bellevue College as she likes to mix music and record music arrangements. Music is something that can be shared internationally so the language barrier doesn’t feel so strong when music is being shared.

When Rosette was growing up, Macau was a place of greenery and forests. Today, Macau is the world’s top casino market and there are no forests anymore. Rosette really enjoys the environment around Bellevue as it reminds her of how Macau was in the past.  Rosette especially likes how it feels very quiet here and the feeling is calm. In Macau, there are so many people and it’s so busy that it’s hard to have a calm feeling. Rosette really misses the food from Macau and her friends but she feels that it is a great experience to be living here in America.

Published January 2015

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  1. Catherine says:

    I have been to Macau more than five times. I like Macau because there are too many high end hotels and restaurants in the city. Macau is more suitable for vocation, and just a new Las Vegas. It is quite different from Bellevue. Bellevue is better for living and education than Macau.

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