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LocalIt’s time for Take Winter by Storm

November 1, 2014

Are you ready for winter weather? Take Winter by Storm has a message for everyone. Prepare now for future storms. The tips from this information resource saves lives.

Western Washington usually has mild winters, but it can also have big storms. For example, 1.5 million people lost power on Hanukkah Eve in December, 2006. It was cold, so some people used barbecues and gas generators indoors for heat. They did not get the news that this was dangerous. People got sick from poisonous carbon monoxide fumes. Eight people died.

After that storm, community leaders took action. They created a central information resource. Take Winter by Storm helps people to get ready for winter. But sadly according to Survey USA, 45% of people are not using that information to prepare for stormy weather.

So, it is important to visit the central website, Take Winter by Storm, ( and follow the tips to make an emergency kit and family plan. The website offers preparation checklists and emergency contact information in twelve different languages. There is a link to weather news and a place to sign up for emergency alerts.

TV, radio and print news are also part of Take Winter by Storm. Their current updates are asking everyone to prepare for big, fall rainstorms by doing something simple. Clean up the leaves. In streets, they cover up drains and cause flooding.

Published November 2014

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