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FeaturedPlaying with jack o’ lanterns

September 16, 2014

Mother jaguar Nayla steps on a pumpkin as she pushes it off a log and out of her way during the Woodland Park Zoo's annual Pumpkin Bash and Trick-or-Treating event Saturday. Animals of all sizes chomped, clawed and rolled their way through treats. On Sunday they can be seen at it again from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Mother jaguar Nayla steps on a pumpkin as she pushes it off a log and out of her way

Photographer: Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times

October 31 is Halloween. It is a fun day. People like to carve (cut) faces on pumpkins and put lights in them. These carved pumpkins are called jack o’ lanterns. People usually put jack o’ lanterns outside of their homes on Halloween night. But at the Woodland Park Zoo many animals also get jack o’ lanterns to play with in October. In the photo, mother jaguar Nayla is stepping on a jack o’ lantern. She is pushing it. She doesn’t know what it is. Children are watching her. They are probably laughing and talking. They are coming to Woodland Park Zoo for the Pumpkin Bash, and Nayla is putting on a good show for them. Animals love to play with pumpkins and children love to watch them. For more information about the Pumpkin Bash, click here.

Published September 2014

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  1. jinhee says:

    Thank you for sharing good information.
    I think that it is a funny experience for children to go Woodland Park Zoo and enjoy in Halloween.

  2. June Kwon says:

    To the Editor,
    It’s so nice shot. It reminds me last Halloween.

    I made Jack o’ lanterns and leave on the front yard last year for the first time.

    A few days later, someone put the sunglasses on my Jack o’ lanterns. It made pumpkin with sunglasses.

    It was very funny memory to my family.

  3. Grace P. says:

    I like a this picture.
    Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. My Kids’s one of favorite holiday is Halloween. We went pumpkin patch last weekend. We are starting to decorate in the house and a porch. Next weekend, we are going to carving pumpkins. This is a our one of traditions. This year, I’m going to make one more tradition. I’m planing to go to see this jaguar in Woodland Park Zoo. Thank you for information to make one of our traditions.

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