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Reader StoryJie Ren (Patton)

September 1, 2014

Jie Ren (Patton)

Jie Ren is from Shanghai, China but, he likes to go by the name of Patton. Patton worked for National Geographic as a photographer for many years. During his time at National Geographic, he was able to do many things. He once rode his motorcycle from China through Russia and on over to the Scandinavian countries.  Along the way, he took photographs of his journey.

Now, Patton is retired so he decided to come to the United States to live. He came to the United States six months ago and he has been busy learning English. He came to the United States in search of a better life as he believes the United States is a great country. He likes the clean water, clean air, and the clean environment of the greater Seattle area. In his free time, he enjoys getting outside to explore and he recently returned from an elk-hunting trip in Montana where he took many interesting photos.

Patton came to America on his own, but he is excited that his wife and two kids will get to join him this month. His kids will finish school in China and then they will come to America to live. Because Patton is retired, he has some free time and he keeps busy by taking classes at Bellevue College and he volunteers within the Chinese community in Seattle. He really enjoys his volunteer work with the Chinese Community Garden in West Seattle. He likes to plant things and watch things grow. Patton loves the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, so you can find him outside with a camera! If you see him, ask to take a look at his photographs because they are beautiful.

Published September 2014

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  1. Nali says:

    I like his story of his life in USA. I am interested at his volunteer work, how can I join the Chinese Community Garden to be a volunteer?

  2. Lily says:

    I’m a fan of the magazine National Geographic.
    As a photographer, I think Patton chose an amazing area to live. There are many wonderful mountains people can go for hiking, rock climbing and doing outdoor exercises during every season. I hope we will have a chance to see some beautiful photos with new inspiration which Patton took recently.

  3. ziru.tan says:

    I thought I can travl to Europe by train many many years ago. but I scare too many things and give up. this author can go through Russia by motorcycle. this action need too much patience, too much perseverance. very good guy.

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