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Reader StoryYair Uribe

July 1, 2014

Yair Uribe

Yair Uribe is from Bogota, Colombia and he has been in America for two months. In Colombia, Yair had his own cooking show on TV and he was a chef. In addition to having his cooking show, Yair taught cooking classes to students at the University in Colombia.

Now, Yair is living in Mill Creek with his aunt, cousin, and two dogs. Yair wanted a change and decided to come to America for something completely different. He wanted a new challenge and he is eager to learn more about cooking American food.

Yair is taking English classes and he loves to eat at different restaurants in his free time. He also enjoys reading and swimming. He loves the freedom in America and finds the life very relaxing and peaceful. Yair wants to learn to cook many different kinds of food and he often cooks for friends and family. Yair misses the people of Colombia, but he is excited about his new adventure and life in America.

Yair wants to travel to as many different places as he can while he is in America.  His main goal is to learn English and that will help him as he travels around. If you’re lucky enough to try some of Yair’s cooking, you’ll find everything very tasty. Good luck, Yair, with your cooking and good luck with your English skills.

Published July 2014

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