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Reader StoryMehdi Hadi (Parsa)

May 1, 2014

Mehdi Hadi (Parsa)

Mehdi Hadi is from Iran. He goes by the name of Parsa. Parsa arrived in America just a few months ago. Before coming to America, Parsa lived in Norway and worked there. While working as a DJ at a Norwegian party, he met Roya who was originally from Iran. Roya had been living in America but, was visiting Norway. Roya and Parsa fell in love at this party and decided later they wanted to marry.

Parsa continued to work in Norway and Roya returned to America. After 3 years of living in Norway, Parsa travelled to Turkey to get the visa requirements to come to America. Now, Parsa is living in America and he’s learning English. He will be able to marry Roya next month and he’s very excited about this. Parsa can’t believe his good luck because both Roya and Parsa are from Iran, but both are now living in America and both met in Norway. It’s a tale of many, different countries.

Since his arrival in America, Parsa has been busy learning English and learning all about American culture. He’s happy to be in America as he believes there is lots of freedom here and he is anxious to practice his English with his wife-to-be. He’s also looking forward to his upcoming wedding. Parsa had to wait 5 years in order to be together with Roya in America, so he has learned about patience. Good luck to you, Parsa and congratulations!

Published May 2014

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  1. Claire says:

    To the editor:

    I was moved by this story.
    It seemed that it was not easy to be together for them.
    But they are going to marry. It’s wonderful!

    ESL student

  2. Chloe Lee says:

    To the Editor:

    This is very interesting love story for me.
    I could imagine how happy Parsa is now.
    Also I want to share my story with you. My husband and I are both Korean but he lived in Argentina I lived in Korea. We met in America and got married live together in America. Parsa’s story reminded me my story.
    I hope you have the happiest wedding and wish both of you good luck!

    Best regards,

    Chloe Lee
    ESL Student

    • gtemplin says:

      Dear Chloe,
      Your story sounds very interesting, too. If you would like to write your story and submit it to your teacher, Nancy, she can send it to me. Perhaps we can publish your story. Thank you for reading Northwest News.

      • ChloeLee says:

        To the Editor:

        Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll positively think about that.

        Chloe Lee
        ESL Student

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