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Reader StoryNecmi Kayak

March 1, 2014

Necmi Kayak is from Istanbul, Turkey, and he came to America one year ago. Necmi won his green card through the lottery program. He was teaching the Turkish language at a middle school, but he thought that the chance to come to America to live was too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Now, that he is in America, he is taking ESL classes at Bellevue College, but he’d like to finish his Masters and also a Ph.D. in Business in America. He’s happy to be a student in America, and he’s learning English quickly.

Necmi lives in Kent now, and he came to America by himself. All of his family members are back in Turkey, and Necmi is the oldest of five. He is single and is currently living with a friend. When he’s not studying English, Necmi loves to spend time at the library. He goes to the Talk Time at the library twice a week, and he also enjoys talking with friends whenever he can in English.

Necmi believes that America is a beautiful place, and he thinks the people are good. He really likes to read books in English in his free time, and he also enjoys going to the movies. He misses Turkish food, and he misses his family, but he’s very excited for the chance to live in America and advance his education. His goal is to get a Ph.D. from an American University. You can do it, Necmi!

Published March 2014

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