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LocalMore storms in the future

September 1, 2013

Get prepared! A big storm is coming. In fact, a study from Nature Climate Change predicts many strong storms and warmer weather for the Northwest region in the future.

Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis studied rainfall in 13 places around the U.S. Their study included Western Washington. They looked at how much rain falls every hour. This measurement helped them identify storm levels. There was in increase in the hourly amount of rainfall for this area. They believe that this could mean bigger storms in coming years for the Northwest.

The results of this study are important for planning. More storms and heavy rain would lead to problems with flooding and pollution from storm water runoff.

However, for this study, scientists took rain measurements on the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic Peninsula is famous for rainfall. Most places in Washington State do not have such heavy rainfall, so climate experts say that more testing needs to be done.

The Northwest was the only region in the study that pointed to a big change in weather patterns.

Published September 2013

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