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LocalAn apodment for rent

September 1, 2013

Judy Green sits in her 200-square-foot aPodment apartment.

Judy Green sits in her 200-square-foot aPodment apartment.

Photographer: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times

Single people with one income have trouble finding affordable housing in big cities. Micro-apartments are now a new low-rent option for one person. Micro-apartments or apodments have only about 150 square feet of space. Each apodment has a small bathroom and a microwave and refrigerator but no kitchen. Apodments are popular with tenants, but neighbors have concerns.

In Puget Sound, apodments are found in Redmond, the U-District (the area around the University of Washington) and Capitol Hill. These are convenient locations for students, business people and other workers. In these areas, apodments rent fast. Tenants usually pay between $500 and $800 and the rent includes utilities and furniture. A studio apartment, by contrast, would rent for double the amount.

Neighbors, however, are complaining about adding more people to their densely populated neighborhoods. Similar to college dormitories, apodment buildings house more people than apartment buildings. For example, on a floor, 8 different people each rent their own apodment. They share one kitchen. According to city law, eight people sharing one kitchen is a single dwelling unit (living space). And that means that apodment buildings can replace homes.

This kind of housing impacts a neighborhood greatly. More residents mean fewer parking spaces and more traffic on crowded streets. There is more garbage, and builders are hooking apodment bathrooms and sinks to existing sewer lines.  Sewer lines can overflow and cause health concerns.

City governments are “tracking complaints” from concerned residents, but permission to build more micro-apartments is moving forward.

Developed by Svetlana Minkina

Published September 2013

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  1. Natalia says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t know about apodments. It’s good way for single people or students who can’t pay higher rent.

  2. Thuy.trinh says:

    I had no idea that they had these in Seattle. It’s a good idea for students and other single people but I can understand the local home owners concerns about the overcrowding of their neighborhood.

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