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InternationalThe popular bad paint job

November 1, 2012

No one paid attention to Cecilia Giménez. The 81-year-old Spanish painter worked for three years. She wanted to fix the 120-year-old painting of Jesus Christ by Elias Garcia Martinez. It was in bad shape.

Finally she finished, and then everyone noticed. Jesus’ face looked very different. Some people said, “It looks like a monkey.” Many people were upset. Giménez told city officials, “I’m sorry.”

But then something strange happened. The news about the bad paint job spread. Tourists came to Borja and paid 4 euros to see the painting. The church made 2,000 euros in four days. Her bad DIY (Do It Yourself) painting was very popular. Now Giménez is asking for money for her work!

To see the work of Cecilia Giménez, click here.

Should Cecilia Giménez get some of the money? Leave a comment. Yes, she should. No, she shouldn’t.

Published November 2012

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