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Reader StoryTatiana Arakelova

November 1, 2012

Tatiana Arakelova

Tatiana Arakelova is from Piategorsk, Russia. She came to the United States on January 6, 2012, because she won the Green Card Lottery. Before coming to the United States, Tatiana worked as a nurse in Russia. She wants to work as a nurse in the United States , but she needs to learn English first. Tatiana came all by herself to the U.S., but now she is living with an aunt who has lived in America for over 20 years.

Tatiana doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, and she lived with her mom in Russia. She misses her mother very much. Currently, Tatiana is living in Renton and she likes America. She is still learning the English language and so, many things are difficult for her.

When Tatiana isn’t studying, she really enjoys reading and cooking. She also enjoys going to the gym to exercise. Sometimes, on the weekends, she will hang out with her cousin and they will go to Starbucks to chat. Tatiana has found that she really enjoys ice cream in America and her favorite flavor is chocolate.

Tatiana is in Level 2 ESL and she really enjoys her class. She loves being in a classroom with students from all over the world. In class, she has the opportunity to practice her English skills. Tatiana studies very hard every day because she wants to improve her English so that she can study nursing in America. Tatiana will work hard to achieve her goal.

Published November 2012

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  1. Kristi Middleton says:

    Way to go, Tatiana! You sure are working hard every day to achieve your goal. It’s wonderful to have you as a student in class. Good luck to you!

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