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LocalDogs from Iran have PAWS

November 1, 2012

Kay Joubert, Companion Animal Services Director at PAWS of Lynnwood, goes slow with Ghandoon, a 2-year old Anatolian Shepherd, who arrived at the shelter Tuesday visibly scared and agitated having traveled half way around the world from her home in Iran

Photographer: DEAN RUTZ / The Seattle Times

Iran is a dangerous place for dogs now because the Iranian government wants to ban them in cities. But Shabnam and Ghandoon are lucky. This fall, these two scared dogs arrived from Iran at the PAWS animal shelter in Lynnwood. The goal of PAWS is to help animals in the Seattle area, but the shelter decided to save these two refugee dogs and give them a chance for a new life in America.

Iran follows Muslim religious laws. The government says that dogs are unclean. They say dogs can live on farms, but people should not keep them as pets in big cities. The one shelter in Tehran has a lot of hungry and homeless dogs. Many are disappearing, so Humane Society International is asking American shelters for help.

Shabnam and Ghandoon were very afraid at the beginning. They had a difficult life in Iran. The PAWS volunteers showed patience and gave them much love and care. The dogs learned how to get along with people, respond to English commands, walk on a leash, and play. They enjoyed toys, treats and regular meals for the first time.

Now, Shabnam and Ghandoon have loving American families, and PAWS in Lynnwood will help more Iranian dogs.

To see a video of Shabnam and Ghandoon, click here.

PAWS has many helpful services for animals. Click here to visit the PAWS website.

Published November 2012

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