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September 1, 2012

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez exults Wednesday afternoon after achieving baseball history at Safeco Field

Photographer: MARK HARRISON / The Seattle Times

This is Felix Hernandez. He is yelling. He is jumping. He is pointing to the sky. He is happy. He is a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, and he is amazing. He just pitched a perfect game at Safeco Field. All 27 batters from the other team, the Tampa Rays, could not hit his balls. This is big! This is the first perfect game out of a total of 5, 698 games for the Mariners. It is also 1 out of only 23 perfect games in 100 years of baseball. Fans have the perfect name for this great pitcher with a blue baseball cap. They call him King Felix!


Published September 2012

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