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General NewsElection for President 2012

September 1, 2012

The election for the next U.S. president is on Tuesday, November 6. On that day, voters will choose one of two candidates, Barak Obama or Mitt Romney. But the people’s votes will not go directly to the candidate they choose. Instead, their votes will go to electors.

Electors are a group of people who represent each state. The electors choose the candidate who wins the most votes in their state. For example, if Barak Obama wins the most votes in Washington State, then the electors in Washington State will choose Barak Obama.

The total number of electors is 538. They will vote on December 17. Obama or Romney will need 270 electoral votes to win the election. This process is called the Electoral College.

Each state has a different number of electors. States with a large population have more electoral votes. For example, Washington State has 11 electoral votes, but California has 55. It is important for candidates to win states that have large populations because they have more electoral votes.

This election might be very close. So the candidates will work hard to win “swing” or “battleground” states. In these states, voters do not strongly favor either Obama or Romney.

To look at an electoral vote map click here

Published September 2012

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  1. Mila Tari says:

    I think the article is informative because I learned about the election process.

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    I think the article tells me the vote is important for election.

  3. Nami Sakaki says:

    I think the article is very interesting, because I did not know a process that American Election for President before I read it. So I am glad to know about it. And I found a same point between American Election for President to my home country`s Election. That point is “Not directry”. I`m surprised that it, because I thought American Election is directry behore I read it.
    I want to know about American Election more deeply, because I`ll have more knowledge about that, maybe.

  4. sathika says:

    I think the orticle helps me learn new words, because it is a new story.

  5. carmen garcia says:

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    I think the article is short and good for elections, but we sometimes don’t know about the information, because we are not citizens.

  9. Sadiya Beriso says:

    I think the article is interesting becouse many people will learn how Americans vote for the president.

  10. ana panco says:

    I think the vote is important because i am a citizen.

    Also, I think the article is informative because I learned about the election process.

  11. Tom Chen says:

    I think this article has many informations,because we know how many electors every state has now from it.

  12. larrin tun rodriguez says:

    I think the article is very importanT because it is interesting…..

    I think it is interesting because it has information for all the people this country.

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    the election proses.

    I think the article is intresting becouse I study about vote prosess.

  14. Teresa says:

    I think that the article is very hard for me because of the difficult vocabulary.

  15. Yazmin Gonzalez says:

    I think the article has a good writing style because it was clear and easy to understand.

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