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Reader StoryNoe Mayorga

November 27, 2011

Noe Mayorga

Noe Mayorga as told to Daehan Yoon.

Noe Mayorga, a student of English through the News class at Bellevue College, said his name stands for “Noah” in Bible. He came to U.S. from El Salvador 4 years ago following his wife who is American.  One more member of his family is a cat named Orion. Noe has a desire to help people and the environment.

Noe met his wife, Tara Martin, and her cat when she came to El Salvador as a Peace Corps volunteer. (The Peace Corps is a volunteer program operated by U.S. government Peace Corps which has been contributing to the world peace by sending American people to help in other countries.)  Noe lived in the village of San Diego in Metapan. Noe together with his community friends organized and operated a garbage control system which was new for a small village like his. When he had to leave his country, he asked Mayor of Metapan to care for the system he built for village.  Therefore, it became the first rural village to get an official garbage control system in Metapan.

After Noe left El Salvador, he lived in Shoreline, Seattle for 2 years. He attended ESL class at Shoreline Community College. When his wife found a Spanish teaching job in the Marianas Islands, his family moved to Rota which is a small island in the Marianas. While living in Rota for 2 years, he organized a soccer team to help students who didn’t know how to play soccer from kindergarten to high school.

After his family returned from Rota, he began studying English at BC. He said his goal is to get a degree related to the environment. He wants to build on his experience with developing a garbage control system for the future. After he gets a degree, he will return to his country to do what he can do with it. Along with his studies, he is also a volunteer with Amigos de Las Americas. Amigos de Las Americas is an organization that sends teenagers to Central America and South America to volunteer for community service projects.

He talked about the differences between the U.S. and El Salvador. The U.S. seems more religious than his country. His country does not have a tax laws, and there are no limits to  catching fish. Also there are cultural differences between the two countries. In El Salvador, people don’t put elderly people to nursing homes and they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Published November 2011

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  1. Very proud of my class mate. Thank you for share this quarter with us.

  2. Olga says:

    Very interesting story!

  3. LI - MEI TSAI says:

    You have a great wish in your life.
    Hope you can reach your goal smoothly.

  4. Sara says:

    Super history. Nice to mett you and can be friends forever. Now you can write about a little Noe too. :)

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