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November 21, 2011

Ironworker is writing name on a steel beam

 Photographer: Alan Berner / The Seattle Times .

Since August 2011, the children on the cancer floor of Seattle Children’s Hospital have eagerly gotten out of bed each morning to look out their big windows. They watch the iron workers putting up steel beams for a new building. With smiles, they point to the names painted on the beams and search for new names. This building construction is just the right medicine for these sick children.

It started with Braydon, who, sadly, lost his fight with cancer. An iron worker on the project heard about Braydon and painted his name on a steel beam. The children in the cancer ward saw Braydon’s name. They wrote their names on signs and posted them in their windows for the workers to see.

The workers answered by painting, “Hi, Jezzy, ” on a beam. After that, the workers painted the names Hailey, Julian, Zac, and Adam. Now the beams of Building Hope display the names of more than 50 children. Workers look up at the windows and see more names, but they also see thank you signs.

“Every guy out here feels for every kid in the hospital. We’re pulling for them, we care about them and we want them to know that,” Tim McKey of Sellen Construction said in a Seattle Times article.

In December, workers will paint the steel beams. The children’s names will disappear, but the children know they will always be a part of Building Hope.

Workers will finish Building Hope in 2013. It will provide 80 new beds for children with cancer or other serious diseases.

Published November 2011

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