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Reader StoryShahlo Talib

June 1, 2011

My name is Shahlo Talib. I am from Tajikistan in Central Asia. I have been living in America for almost three years. I live in Kirkland, WA, with my husband. He is an IT consultant. We don’t have children yet. We like to watch comedies, art pro­grams, and Discovery channel programs about sea life. We also like to listen to many types of different music.

The most precious thing about Seattle and especially Kirk­land is the peacefulness. Kirkland has many quiet and beautiful parks. I see many children playing and chasing ducks in those parks. Many people walk their dogs there, too. All these places are very safe and nice.

I find most Americans very polite and nice. I think a big true smile and politeness are symbols of America and Americans. The first time I entered the Seattle airport from the plane, I noticed many strange people looking and smiling at me. In the beginning, I thought all those people worked in the airport just to give a nice first impression about America and Americans. But later I realized that this is the way most Americans are.

I am extremely happy to live here. I want to improve my writing skills so I will be able to pass tests and be admitted to college level programs. Recently, I discovered an esthetician (skin/make-up specialist) course. I like it a lot, but it is hard work and the course is a bit expensive. Most of my friends say I should apply for a loan, and I agree with them.

In the future, I hope to help poor children in America by volunteering at schools or hospitals and giving to charities because this country does so very much for the immigrants and newcomers. I also dream about building a small park for Kirk­land. America is a country for realizing one’s dreams, but only if one is hard working, disciplined, and honest.

Published June 2011

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