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Vladimir Karpishev

Reader StoryVladimir Karpishev

Vladimir Karpishev is from St. Petersburg, Russia. He came to America in September of 2015 with Irina, his wife of 40 years. They came because their daughter needed help with her children. Now Vladimir and his wife, Irina, are taking care of their grandchildren and at the same time studying English at Bellevue College.

Mason bees

LocalMason bees

Mason bees are very helpful. These little dark-blue bees pollinate plants better than honeybees, but they are not very popular. Now some gardeners and farmers are taking a new look at mason bees. The gentle mason bees are different from honeybees. They look like flies and don’t make honey or sting. Mason bees do not live in a well-developed society like a hive.

LocalFishing for an agreement

Sports fishermen were angry at the start of fishing season this year in May.  They couldn’t fish for Chinook salmon, but Indian fishermen could. The sports fishermen protested, “It’s unfair.” But the lack of a joint fishing agreement between the tribes and non-tribal people was the real issue. The big problem in 2016 is very limited stocks of fish.

Express your emoji

General NewsExpress your emoji

  Emojis are changing Internet communication. Emojis are the little yellow faces or other symbols on smartphones or other devices. They add emotion to a text message and are attracting many users, especially the young. In the U.S. 74% of all Internet users add emojis to their text messages.

Happy 100th Birthday, NPS

General NewsHappy 100th Birthday, NPS

The National Park Service (NPS) is turning 100 this year on August 25. For this special anniversary, the NPS is celebrating its past achievements and looking at a challenge to its future. How can the NPS engage the next generation in service? President Woodrow Wilson established the NPS in 1916 when he signed the Organic Act.

InternationalThe World

InternationalThe Solar Impulse 2

The Solar Impulse 2 is a different airplane.  It uses clean energy, the sun, to fly. It is flying around the world. The Solar Impulse 2 started its trip from Abu Dhabi in March, 2015. It stopped in different countries on the way. It took 210 hours to fly over the Pacific and 72 hours to fly across the Atlantic. The plane has longer wings than a Boeing 747, and it weighs about as much as a car.

InternationalThe little sensor that could

Phil Stamp is a beachcomber. He looks for objects on Willapa Bay shore. Before Christmas in 2014, he found something unusual in the sand. He cleaned the object. It was a cylinder of glass and plastic with instruments inside. It looked important, so he said to his friend, “Can you help me find the owner?” The two men sent out many emails.

InternationalTuition free in Germany

Do you want an excellent free education? Go to Germany. Germany is offering free college or university tuition to its own citizens and international students. This generous offer is attracting many Americans. In the U.S. the cost of going to a university or college has gone up by 500% since 1985.