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Luma Al-talankee

Reader StoryLuma Al-talankee

Luma Al-talankee is from Iraq, but now she is living in Bellevue. She came to America with her husband and children in 2010 for a better life. There was much fighting in Iraq at that time, and it wasn’t safe to live there anymore. Now Luma is a busy mother taking care of her three kids who are ages 11, 8, and 4.

Tour Seattle

LocalTour Seattle

Seattle attracts many tourists every year. However, Seattle is only 37 out of 50 popular tourist cities in the US according to a recent survey. Some people are asking why. 38 million tourists visited Seattle last year. That was the highest number of tourists ever. 600 of these tourists were asked 100 survey questions about their stay in Seattle. Many people come to see the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

LocalGoodbye Bertha!

Bertha is a huge tunneling machine. She started digging a two-mile tunnel under the Alaskan Way Viaduct on July 30, 2013 and finished on April 4, 2017. Now the work of completing the Highway 99 tunnel can begin. The Highway 99 tunnel will replace the aging and dangerous Alaskan Way Viaduct.

General News“Dirt is Good”

A new book is coming out in June. It has an interesting title, Dirt is Good. In the book, the authors explain this idea; dirt and germs can make children healthier. Babies first contact germs inside of their mother. After birth, many drink their mother’s breast milk. Breast milk has germs in it.

General NewsAmerica first

Donald Trump is putting “America first.” He is ordering the federal government to buy American products and hire American workers. As a result, the H-1B visa program will come under review this year. H-1B visa holders are foreign workers with special skills needed by companies in the US.

InternationalThe World

A miracle in Prague

InternationalA miracle in Prague

            Shinda is a female gorilla. She is 24 years old, and she lives at the Prague Zoo. In April, she surprised everyone. She had a baby. People were upset with the zookeepers. They said, “Didn't you see her big tummy?” The zookeepers said, “We thought she was too old and eating too much.” But, of course, Shinda was pregnant.

Happy Norway

InternationalHappy Norway

              Every March, for the International Day of Happiness, the United Nations (UN) chooses the happiest countries in the world. This year, Norway was first. Denmark was second followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, and Netherlands. Norway, along with the other happy countries provide many benefits for their citizens. People live long, healthy lives.

Deadly bleach

InternationalDeadly bleach

                Bleaching is devastating the coral in the Great Barrier Reef. Concerned scientists report that nearly two-thirds of the reef has been badly damaged this year. The Great Barrier Reef off the northern coast of Australia in Queensland is the largest living organism on earth. It is 2,300 kilometers long and supports 600 different types of hard and soft coral. Coral are curious animals.