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Farhang Karimi

Reader StoryFarhang Karimi

Farhang Karimi is from Shihraz, Iran and he is Bahai. The Bahai are a religious minority group, and they are persecuted for their beliefs in Iran. Farhang and his family had to flee to Turkey from Iran because of their beliefs. They stayed in Turkey for about 18 months before they came to Bellevue in 2008.

Little Free Libraries

LocalLittle Free Libraries

Maybe on a walk around your neighborhood, you will see something that looks like a bird house in a yard. But if you look closely, you may find books in the house not birds. These "bird houses" are actually "book houses," called Little Free Libraries, and their popularity is growing quickly. Todd Bol from Hudson, Wisconsin started the first Little Free Library in 2007.

From ashes to life

LocalFrom ashes to life

Is there something good about a big volcanic explosion? Mount St. Helens, located in southwestern Washington, is providing answers to that question. At 8:32 am, Sunday morning on May 18, 1980, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake caused Mount St. Helens to explode. The eruption burned trees, houses and killed 57 people.

General NewsThe 70-year-old kiss

Seventy years ago World War II (WWII) ended. Victory came to Europe on May 8, 1945 (V-E Day). The war lasted several more months, however. Finally victory over Japan came on August 14, 1945 (V-J Day). People celebrated in their homes and on the streets. And that is when a photographer in Times Square, New York took a famous photo and started a mystery. The photographer said, “I saw a sailor running along the street and grabbing every girl in sight.” The photographer took four photos.

An ocean of water for California

General NewsAn ocean of water for California

Photographer: ro plant on Flickr. An old idea is attracting new attention for residents of California. A four-year drought is causing a severe lack of water, so San Diego County is building a desalination plant at Carlsbad to change salty Pacific Ocean water into fresh water. The new $1-million desalination plant in Carlsbad will remove salt from water by forcing ocean water through filters.

InternationalThe World

Pyramids from space

InternationalPyramids from space

                Terry Virts is an American astronaut. He just returned to earth on June 11, 2015 after 200 days on the International Space Station.  He was the space commander there. But just before takeoff from the Space Station, he took an amazing photograph from 248 miles above the earth. His photo clearly shows the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

InternationalSoft soldiers

China has the biggest military the world. "But young Chinese soldiers are too soft," says a new study. This problem began with the One-Child Policy. China's One-Child Policy started 30 years ago because China had too many people. Now 70% of young soldiers are the only child in their family.

MERS is spreading

InternationalMERS is spreading

              The deadly viral disease MERS has spread from Saudi Arabia to South Korea. Now seven South Koreans are dead along with hundreds of other people in the Middle East. Experts are very concerned about how fast MERS spreading. MERS is short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. MERS is caused by the coronavirus, which is also linked to the common cold and SARS.