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Chit Wong (Rosette)

Reader StoryChit Wong (Rosette)

Chit Wong is from Macau and she goes by Rosette. Macau is a tiny regional area near Hong Kong that is the most densely populated region in the world. Because of the busy feeling in Macau, Rosette came to America to study in September of 2014. She and her brother are here because they want to get a good education.

Fair and Sweet Success for Theo Chocolates

LocalFair and Sweet Success for Theo Chocolates

Theo chocolate bars are attracting a lot of customers. The 9-year old Seattle company makes chocolate from organic, fair-trade cacao beans, and it is growing fast. This is unusual because fair-trade chocolate is more expensive than regular chocolate. Cacao beans are grown on small farms in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Pacific Winds

LocalPacific Winds

The Pacific Northwest had an unusually dry, warm, sunny summer and fall. Many people wondered why. A recent study of warming temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California gives a surprising answer. The natural variation of wind patterns is causing climate change here. Most people assume that this change in the climate has been caused by human activity.

Bad News about Smoking

General NewsBad News about Smoking

Smoking is increasing worldwide. According to a 2014 UW (University of Washington) report, there were 721 million smokers in 1980. By 2012 the number was over one billion. This is bad news because smoking is dangerous. There are two reasons for the increased numbers of smokers. Large countries like China, Russia, and Indonesia have fast growing populations with many smokers, especially men.

ADHD Disability or Ability?

General NewsADHD Disability or Ability?

Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) have challenging behaviors. Parents often ask doctors for help. The treatment in many cases is strong medication, and this can make parents feel uneasy. But recent research suggests new ways to think about ADHD. For children with the disability of ADHD, everyday life can seem uninteresting.

InternationalThe World

Skyway in La Paz

InternationalSkyway in La Paz

Cable car from Christo de Concordia, Bolivia            La Paz has a big traffic problem. The capital city of Bolivia is in a high mountain valley. Houses sit on the mountainside. City streets are old and narrow. So many people travel around La Paz in minibuses. But there are two problems.

The camel camera

InternationalThe camel camera

Desert ripples                Google Street View can take a viewer to interesting places in the world with its 360-degree, panorama photos. Recently Google went to the Middle East to photograph the Liwa Desert. And, for the first time, it used an animal to carry the camera. The Liwa Desert is not far from the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

InternationalThe adventures of Rosetta and Philae

They cheered wildly. After 10 years, the little spacecraft landed on a comet for the first time in human history. This 400 billion-mile journey into space was a great success for the scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA). The ESA Rosetta mission began in March 2004. The spacecraft, Rosetta, was sent into space to rendezvous with a comet.