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Gokhan Tatar

Reader StoryGokhan Tatar

Gokhan Tatar is from Malatya, Turkey and he came to America in June of 2014. In Turkey, Gokhan worked as a computer programmer in the IT industry. Gokhan and his wife came to America to live because life in Turkey was becoming more difficult. Now, Gokhan is learning English because he wants to work as a computer programmer here in America.

Put the cell phone down!

LocalPut the cell phone down!

Drivers with a cell phone in their hand don’t pay attention to the road. This is distracted driving, and it is against the law in Washington State. But the law is seven years old. Now cell phones offer many new distractions. Some lawmakers are saying, “It’s time for an update.” Washington was the first state to pass a distracted driving law in 2007.

Helping dogs live longer

LocalHelping dogs live longer

For dog owners, the death of a pet is heartbreaking. People want their beloved friends to live a long and active life. Now two UW scientists, geneticist Daniel Promislow, and biologist Matthew Kaeberlein, both dog owners, are studying the human drug, rapamycin, because it may help dogs live longer. Dogs like people suffer from heart disease and statistics indicate that cancer is a growing concern in many breeds.

California hens

General NewsCalifornia hens

Photographer: Chechi Peinado A new law in California is helping hens. But now egg prices are going up. Many people are asking this question. What's more important? The comfort of chickens or the cost of eggs. Eggs in grocery stores come from commercial hens. Before January 1, 2015, commercial hens in California lived in small cages.

General NewsChips and PINs

In January, 2015, the U.S. government started issuing chip-and-PIN (personal identification number) debit cards for people who receive government benefits, such as Social Security. The government wants its card users to have greater security. The U.S. is about ten years behind other developed nations who commonly use chip-and-PIN technology.

InternationalThe World

InternationalEthiopian Time

Across the world, time and date usually work the same. But in Ethiopia, time is very different. Visitors often get confused. Ethiopia is a country in East Africa. It is near the equator. Day and night are nearly equal there. So, in Ethiopia, people count time from sunrise to sunset.

InternationalThe Silk Railroad

A new railroad is linking China to Spain. The 8,111-mile long railway is for freight trains. It is the longest railroad in the world, and it will improve trade. China is Spain's largest trading partner, but freight took six weeks by ship to move between China and Spain.

InternationalOpening the door

A new agreement between the U.S. and Cuba is opening locked doors. The agreement was made at a historic meeting between Raul Castro and President Obama in December of 2014. It will benefit travel and business. Cuba is only 100 miles from Florida, but the two neighbors have not spoken to each other formally since 1961.