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Rosalie Mayer

Reader StoryRosalie Mayer

Rosalie Mayer is from Lome, Togo which is a tiny country located in West Africa. Rosalie came to America in 2014 with her husband and her daughter because her husband got a job here. In Togo, Rosalie worked as a hair stylist. Rosalie speaks 3 languages and these are: Ewe, French, and English.

LocalOutdoor preschools

Preschools help young children (ages 3-5) get ready for school. Now a new type of outdoor preschool is attracting parents and children in Washington. These unusual preschools offer children an active learning environment outdoors in all kinds of weather. Currently there are about 40 outdoor preschools in this state.

Fighting mosquitoes

LocalFighting mosquitoes

The Gates Foundation of Seattle is funding projects, especially in Africa, to decrease the mosquito population. The goal is to stop mosquito-carried Malaria, a serious disease. A recent new low-tech approach is showing promise. The female Anopheles mosquito spreads malaria. This mosquito carries the parasite that caused 214 million people to get sick last year and 438,000 people to die.

General NewsDam problems

In February 2017, a dam almost broke apart in Oroville, CA. Rain caused the dam to overflow. Then big flood danger caused 200,000 people to leave their homes. Is this story old news, or is it a look at the future? Many of America’s dams are in poor condition. The US has about 84,000 dams, but 15,498 of them are “high hazard” dams like Oroville.

General NewsBe a fact checker!

Since the presidential election, fake news has become a hot topic. Fake news acts like a rumor that spreads rapidly. Fake news stories are lies or part lies and part truth. On the internet fake news often looks authentic, but it is harmful when it is shared millions of times because many people start to believe the untruths. Perhaps you have seen the post, “Facebook is going to make all your posts public.” This fake news story looks believable.

InternationalThe World

InternationalMetal for Medals

The 2020 summer Olympics will be in Tokyo, Japan. The best athletes will come. They will win gold, silver, and bronze medals. But the metal in the medals will come from old cell phones. Why? Japanese planners want the Olympic Games to be earth friendly. They want to recycle bad waste like cell phones.

Welcome home!

InternationalWelcome home!

              Photographer: Dan Dzurisin No bison have lived in Banff National Park for 130 years. Now Canada is returning the bison home. This is a happy day for the land and its people and animals. Sixteen wild bison from Elk Island National Park arrived in Banff by truck and helicopter in January 2017.

InternationalThinking big with 3D

Usually houses cost a lot of money and take a long time to build. But a Chinese company is changing that. It is using a 3D printer to quickly make homes. This is a good news, but how is it possible? 3D printers print objects. They follow a computer design to lay down layers of a chosen material.