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Jie Ren (Patton)

Reader StoryJie Ren (Patton)

Jie Ren is from Shanghai, China but, he likes to go by the name of Patton. Patton worked for National Geographic as a photographer for many years. During his time at National Geographic, he was able to do many things. He once rode his motorcycle from China through Russia and on over to the Scandinavian countries.  Along the way, he took photographs of his journey. Now, Patton is retired so he decided to come to the United States to live.

Freedom for the Elwha

LocalFreedom for the Elwha

The photo is taken by NPS/USBR Elwha Restoration The Elwha River is flowing freely because of dam removal. Large numbers of salmon are swimming up the river again. Life is returning to the Elwha. The Elwha River goes from the Olympic Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Around 100 years ago, two dams were built on the Elwha to produce electricity. But the dams had a big problem: no fish ladders.

Local$15 Minimum Wage

On June 1, 2014 the city of Seattle passed the $15 an hour minimum wage ordinance. Many people cheered the news, especially labor unions and workers. However, business owners are concerned about the sharp increase of employee wages from $9.32 an hour to $15.00. To allow businesses to adjust to the new minimum wage, the ordinance calls for a phase-in period.

General NewsMartha

One hundred years ago, Martha died at 29 years old. She was the last passenger pigeon in the world, so many people came to the Cincinnati Zoo to see her. In the 1700s and 1800s there were more passenger pigeons on earth than any other type of bird.

General NewsGoogle Car

Google started development of a driverless car in 2008. Finally this spring the internet company released its latest prototype, and in fall it plans to test drive one hundred cars. California is one of only four states to allow self-driving cars, but the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has said, “Not so fast.

InternationalThe World

InternationalReindeers or mines?

Kallak is in northern Sweden. The native people, the Sami, live on the land there. Reindeer is central to Sami life. But Kallak also has iron ore. Now a British company wants to dig a mine there. Mining will bring jobs to the area. New jobs will help the economy.

InternationalEbola is bad news

Ebola is a deadly African disease. From March to July, it jumped from countries in East Africa to new countries in West Africa. In the latest outbreak, 1,145 people died. Health officials are racing to stop Ebola from spreading further. Like the common cold, a virus causes Ebola.

InternationalIran’s Water Crisis

Iran has a water shortage. President Hassan Rouhani promises to “bring the water back,” but it won’t be easy or cheap. Lake Urmia, located in northwestern Iran, demonstrates the complexity of the problem. It’s drying up. In 1995 Lake Urmia was the biggest lake in the Middle East at 90 miles long, 35 feet wide, and 30 feet deep.