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Sharif Alsaleh

Reader StorySharif Alsaleh

Sharif Alsaleh is from Safawa, Saudi Arabia, and he is studying at Bellevue College now. He retired in 2011 after working for 28 years as a petroleum engineer. In 1986, he had a work assignment for one year that brought him to Texas. After spending one year in America, he knew he wanted to return after retiring.

LocalGolf championship at Sahalee

  The Sahalee Golf Club in Sammamish will host the 2016 KMPG Women’s PGA (Professional Golf Association) Championship from June 9-12. It will attract many golfers, fans, and volunteers. The name, Sahalee, means “high, heavenly ground” in the Native American Chinook language and is the perfect name for this beautiful golf venue.  A major men’s PGA golf tournament was held here in 1998.

LocalA clear path

Students at two-year U.S. community colleges benefit from smaller classes and lower tuition rates than universities. However, these same students often face a disadvantage. They do not receive enough help in choosing their college and career goals. Fortunately, for students in some Washington community colleges a large grant will change this situation soon. A nonprofit organization will give ten Washington community colleges seven million dollars over the next eight years.

General NewsCan’t get to sleep?

Twenty to thirty percent of Americans can’t get to sleep. The light from lamps and screens may be the cause. But a new study points to a surprising finding; temperature, not light, may be causing the problem. The study compared modern Americans to several hunter-gatherer groups, two from Africa and one from South America.

General NewsPut the baby laptop away!

A study published recently in JAMA Pediatrics, led by Dr. Anna V. Sosa, a professor at Northern Arizona University, had some surprising information for parents.  Electronic toys are less effective than traditional toys in the language development of children. This news is important for parents of young children because critical connections for language development in the brain occur in the first 5 years.

InternationalThe World

Missing penguins

InternationalMissing penguins

In 2010, a huge iceberg came to the waters of Cape Denison, East Antarctica. It blocked the path to food for 150,000 Adelie penguins. Now only 10,000 are there. Where are the missing penguins? Maybe they died. The penguins had to walk 37 miles around the iceberg for food.

Charlie’s rainforest

InternationalCharlie’s rainforest

              Charlie Hamilton James, a British photographer for National Geographic Magazine, came to Seattle recently to tell his unusual story. He bought a rainforest. Charlie spent 20 years photographing the unusual animal and plant life in Peru’s Manú National Park. This park has one of the world’s most diverse biological systems. Sadly he saw the forest dying.

Mascot crazy Japan

InternationalMascot crazy Japan

              Mascots are big business in Japan. They advertise and sell products for government and business. They are everywhere, and the Japanese people are crazy for them. However, the government recently asked, “Do we need so many mascots?” Mascots, or Yuru-kyara in Japanese, are imaginary characters. They are used to represent a common identity, especially for cities.